Pooja Plaster

Silica Ramming Mass

Silica Ramming Mass, offered by us, is basically a mixture of different particle sizes of quartz with some binder chemicals. Silica Ramming Mass that we offer is the widely used grade. Silica content in our Silica Ramming Mass is maintained in the range of 99.5 % to 99.9%. Furthermore, our Silica Ramming Mass is the highest grade available while performance remains the best in its category. Our Silica Ramming Mass or mix is used in coreless induction furnaces for melting of scrap. It is a dry lining refractory that can be used for melting all types of iron and steel in mini steel plants as well as in foundries. Quality of our Silica Ramming Mass directly affects heating performance of the furnaces. Better quality of lining results into smooth working of furnaces, optimum output and better metallurgical control.


Type Ramming Mass
Color White
Packaging size 25 Kg
State Powder
Alumina 0.02%
Silica 99 to 99.99%